Ayat, Hadith, Kalaam


The Ayat, Hadith and Kalam, are the words of Allah, of RasulAllah and our Imams respectively.  This section aims to present in every segment one Aayat from the Quran, one Hadith of Rasulullah SA, and one Kalaam of Maulana Ali AS/ Imam. 

The Quran, which is the word of Allah, is the source of all the wisdom and meaning. The words of Awliyaullah are derived from the divine knowledge inherent within the Quran. Syedna Qazi al Nu’man in his kitaab Al Majalis wal Musaayeraat repeatedly emphasizes the importance and value of the words of Awliya Kiraam. He stresses time and again that their words are filled with deep wisdom and meaning. He also says that all words expressed by Rasoolullah, Ameerul mumineen and Imams  are reinforced by aayats in the Quran which are similar in meaning. 

Rasulullah SA himself is known to have said that ‘If, after me, you come across words/sayings attributed to me then to verify  the validity of the saying compare the words to what has been said in the Quran. If they are in synchrony with the Quran, then know that they are my words, if not, then know that they are not’.

Rasoolullah’s Hadith about Maulana Ali states that ‘Wisdom speaks on the tongue of Ali’, and is enough to underscore the value of words expressed by Ameerul Mumineen.

We believe that the words and meanings of the Ayat, Hadith and Kalam embody eternal wisdoms that can guide our life with the light of truth. We urge all mumineen and their children to partake of the barakaat and wisdom in these words by reading and contemplating on their meanings. We encourage all who read it to strive to imbibe the hidayat within these ayat hadith kalaam and apply it to their own particular contexts in their daily lives in order to add meaning and quality to their way of living.

Quick Tips for using with children
  • This section introduces children to the wise words of the Quran and Imams. The Quran is the source of all knowledge and the hearts of Imams are the treasure trove of Quranic knowledge.
  • Use this section with children 12yrs and above. 
  • Read the introduction with the child 2-3 times and discuss the importance of aayat, hadees, and kalaam through question and dialogue.
  • Reiterate the points made in the introduction in order to emphasise the importance of the words of Awliyaullah and the significance of the Quran being the source of all wisdom present in words of Awliyaullah.
  • Let the child  read the aayat in Arabi a few times until he/she has learnt to recite it fluently.
  • Let the child read the translated meaning in Dawat ni zaban and English.
  • Assess the understanding of the child through asking questions.
  • Assist him in understanding the meaning further by using examples or anecdotes. For example – 
    • Ask the child if they have any memories of  relevant situations in their life in which these words of guidance apply and discuss them.
    • Discuss your article in your family and friends and see if they have any similar real life experiences